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Do you need a job-targeted resume that dominates the competition?

You’ve come to the Write place.  As a Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW), I create personalized resumes that get you noticed and help you land that important job interview. I have written resumes that landed interviews at Google, Amazon and the Minnesota Twins to name a few.

The difference in my resume writing is the approach. Instead of constructing resumes as “predictible lists of boring job responsibilities,” I design resumes that visually and professionally function as successful marketing tools  - the kind that immediately stand out to both Human Resource Managers and applicant tracking systems. 

My experience includes resume writing success in a variety of fields and positions, such as IT, healthcare and entertainment. Most importantly, though, I make the process of crafting your resume smooth and effortless with the results you expect.

Contact me for more details.  The sooner we create the Write resume for you, the sooner your success begins.

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